Some things you knew before you arrived.

I am from the beginning a creator. Born to make dreams reality.
Living the ultimate life possible for me.
I am free to choose what i make matter.
I focus on what i want.
I desire experiences. Memorable experiences. Quality experiences.
New choices for my day.
I feel the flow of corageous hearts and expansive minds.
I expect exhilarating conversations with extraordinary people.
I am transforming my life. Rediscovering myself.
Following my bliss.
Creating my life of dreams, companionship, convenience, comfort, clarity,
creativity,connection, communication.
First i find joy the best i can give you with music that stirs my soul.
I taste the deliciousness of the moment.
Smell the freshness of a new day.
Let my spirit be touched.
Appreciate an eye-popping experience.
Life is fun. A feast for the senses.
My passion shines through.
I am vision in action.
I am getting where i want to be quickly.
My intentions are powerful.
My well-being is natural, i am wonderful.
Taste the life you imagine.
I create the life of my dreams.
I am greatful. "Thank you". "Ilove you".
-from "the law of attraction"

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